martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

New method to rip sprites from SRW Z 2 Hakaihen

Blogspot user Eriage has created a tutorial to rip robot data from the game using the JPCSP emulator. I have tested it with results. The tool needed for this is a save file modifier: you can add any unit in the game (enemies included!) to your normal roster of unit and then deploy it in battle. I haven't tested it in my save files since the tool claimed my save files were corrupt or something. I started a new game in the emulator and it worked, however I haven't been able to deploy units yet as of Stage 2. After that the trick comes with the debug option of JPCSP but it's been difficult for me.With a bit of luck the emulator will capture the sprite data needed to make the scene on screen, and a lot of garbage from that scene as well.

Tool homepage:

Gif tutorial:

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