viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

TiledGGD SRWZ2 Sprite Rip tutorial

As requested by Gutsman, here is a little tutorial to rip from SRWZ2, game that uses tiled encrypted data.

Download TiledGGD from here:
1. Set the width of the sheet to 512 pixels(use the arrow keys for this)
2. Set the image skip size(image>skip size) to (height) row of pixels.
3. Set the image format to 8bit per pixel.(Image>Format>8bit per pixel)
4. Set the image to tiled mode(Image>Mode>Tiled)
5. Set tile size to 16x8 pixels.(Image>Tile Size)
6. Set the palette to 4 bytes per color(everything else in the palette is default, BGR colors)
7. Search sprite location with Pgup and Pgdn keys.
8.The palette is located below the respective sprite set. If many sprite sheets are located together, their palettes are probably at the end of that set. To get close to the location of the palette, search its offset location with the image viewer and then input the location in the "Go to offset" option of the palette. Search in that sector with 'home' and 'end' keys using an skip size of 256 colors for fast searching and16 colors for precise searching. Finding the palette is tricky and requires practice though.

Let me know any trouble you may find ripping, or any good results too :D